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Parenting Plans are a crucial step in ensuring your children’s lives remain stable and secure during and after any changes in family dynamics. Story Law provides compassionate assistance to help parents collaboratively craft plans that prioritize their children’s needs and best interests.

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What Are Parenting Plans?

A Parenting Plan is a detailed agreement that outlines how parents will share the responsibilities of raising their children post-separation. It covers various aspects, including living arrangements, decision-making responsibilities, and how to handle holidays and vacations. At Story Law, we believe that a well-crafted plan not only provides clarity and structure for parents but also offers invaluable stability for the children involved.

The Importance of Detailed Parenting Plans

A detailed Parenting Plan can help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts by setting clear expectations for both parents. It serves as a roadmap for the co-parenting relationship, which can be especially helpful in times of stress or disagreement.

Crafting Your Parenting Plans

Creating a Parenting Plan that suits your family’s unique situation requires careful consideration. Story Law guides you through each step:

Living Arrangements and Schedules

We help you establish a practical and fair residential schedule that respects your child’s routine and your co-parenting capabilities.


Together, we outline how decisions regarding education, healthcare, and welfare will be managed between parents.

Special Occasions

We assist in planning for holidays, birthdays, and vacations, ensuring these events are joyful for your children.

Parenting Plan Attorneys in Bellevue WA
Parenting Plan Modification | Story Law in Bellevue WA

Modifying Parenting Plans

As children grow and circumstances change, your Parenting Plan may require adjustments. Story Law is adept at facilitating these modifications, always keeping the child’s evolving needs at the forefront.

Let's Find a Parenting Plan that Works

At Story Law, we understand the nuances and emotional complexities involved in creating a Parenting Plan. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate this process with sensitivity and legal acumen, ensuring that the final plan reflects the best path forward for you and your children.

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