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Family Law Articles from Story Law in Bellevue, WA

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Dive into our comprehensive collection of articles on family law.  Every week we explore a wide array of topics, from the intricacies of divorce and custody to the nuances of international and specialized family law. Each piece is designed to enlighten and guide you through the legal landscape, offering valuable insights and updates to keep you informed on the latest in family law practices.

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Alimony Expectations in Divorce

Alimony: What to Expect in a Divorce

What should you know about alimony in divorce, from payment amounts to modifying agreements? Discover the essentials to navigate this...
Legal Rights for Poly Families

Legal Rights of Poly Families

The complexities of legal rights for poly families unravel diverse challenges—how can these relationships secure recognition and protection under existing...
A Guide to Family Mediation

Family Mediation: A Guide to a Smooth Process

Discover essential strategies for preparing for family mediation, ensuring a smoother process and better outcomes—learn the critical step you can't...
Domestic Violence Protection

Legal Protections for Domestic Violence Victims

Protective measures against domestic violence are crucial; discover how legal tools can ensure your safety and what steps to take...
Benefits of Family Mediation

Benefits of Family Mediation

Know how family mediation can transform disputes into cooperative solutions, saving time and money—discover the steps involved and what to...
Navigating Family Litigation

Navigating Family Litigation in Bellevue, WA

Join us as we uncover essential strategies for navigating family litigation, ensuring a smoother process and better outcomes for your...
Choose the Right Family Law Attorney

How to Choose the Right Family Law Attorney

Choosing the right family law attorney is crucial for managing complex legal issues like divorce, child custody, and property settlements....


Navigating the International Adoption Process

Interested in adopting internationally? Uncover the essential steps and complexities involved in making your adoption journey successful....
Establishing Minor Guardianship

How to Establish Minor Guardianship

Uncover the essential steps to establish minor guardianship and ensure the child's best interests are protected—what crucial details must you...
Contested Minor Guardianship

What To Do In Contested Minor Guardianship Cases

A deep dive into contested minor guardianship cases reveals critical strategies for overcoming objections and ensuring a child's best interests...
Adoption Attorneys in Bellevue WA

Adoption Attorney: Why You Need Legal Help and Protection

Understanding the Role of an Adoption Attorney Adoption and surrogacy journeys are transformative experiences that require careful legal navigation. An...

Top 5 Misconceptions of Alimony

Alimony – The Top 5 Misconceptions Explained

Alimony, often called spousal support, is one of the most misunderstood aspects of divorce. At Story Law in Bellevue, WA,...

Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for Divorce: Top 5 Overlooked Aspects of Divorce

Preparing for divorce involves more than just legal paperwork; it encompasses emotional, financial, and social considerations that many often overlook....

Prenuptial Agreements - Top 5 Things

Prenuptial Agreements: The Top 5 Things You Need To Know

Many couples misunderstand prenuptial agreements. These legal documents are crucial for any engaged couple, not just for the wealthy. Here’s...

A Guide to Parenting Plans

Effective Parenting Plans: A Guide for Co-Parenting Harmony

Parenting plans are critical documents that provide a framework for parents navigating the complexities of raising children after separation or...

Advisory vs Representation from Story Law

Choosing Between Advisory and Representation in Family Law

When facing family law matters, the path forward isn’t always clear. Many believe that hiring an attorney for full legal...

A guide to Collaborative Law for Divorce

Collaborative Law for Divorce

In the journey through divorce, the path chosen can significantly impact the lives of all involved. Collaborative law offers a...

Grandparents and Minor Guardianship

Grandparents & Minor Guardianship

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of grandparents stepping into parental roles through minor guardianship....