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Divorce Attorneys in Bellevue, WA

When possible, choose Collaboration over Litigation

At Story Law, we understand that the decision to end a marriage is not made lightly. Whether you’re considering divorce or legal separation, each path offers different advantages and implications. Our role is to provide you with comprehensive support and information, whether your journey involves collaborative efforts, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

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Divorce vs. Legal Separation

Understanding Your Options

Divorce and legal separation are two distinct legal processes that share many similarities but lead to different endpoints. A divorce legally ends a marriage, allowing individuals to remarry and separating their legal responsibilities and financial ties. Legal separation, on the other hand, allows couples to live separately without ending the marital status, which can be beneficial ‘without ending the marital status ‘for religious or financial reasons and sometimes even maintaining insurance benefits.

Pros of Divorce

  • Legal clarity and finality
  • Ability to remarry
  • Separation of financial liabilities

Cons of Divorce

  • May conflict with personal or religious beliefs
  • Can be a more emotionally and financially draining process

Pros of Legal Separation

  • Retention of certain marital benefits
  • Space to reconsider the relationship
  • Less stigma or religious conflict

Cons of Legal Separation

  • Continued legal ties to one another
  • No ability to remarry without divorce
Divorce Lawyers in Bellevue WA
Collaborative Law for Divorce in Bellevue WA

Collaborative Law & Divorce

A Path to Amicable Resolution

In a collaborative divorce, both parties work together with their attorneys to reach a mutually beneficial settlement without going to court. This process promotes open communication and often results in less stress and conflict.


  • More control over the outcome
  • Often more cost-effective than litigation
  • Privacy is maintained outside the courtroom


  • Requires a willingness to cooperate
  • If collaboration fails, you may need to start the process over with new representation for litigation

Mediation and Arbitration for Divorce

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation involves a neutral third party to help spouses reach an agreement, while arbitration allows an arbitrator to make decisions for the disputing parties.

Mediation Pros

  • Typically less costly than court
  • Voluntary and confidential
  • Couples maintain control over the decisions

Arbitration Pros

  • More expedient than court trials
  • Decisions are legally binding

Cons for Both

  • May not be suitable if parties have a significant power imbalance
  • Decisions in arbitration, unlike mediation, are not always subject to appeal
Divorce Litigation Attorneys in Bellevue WA

Litigation Services for Divorce

When Court is the Avenue

Litigation may be necessary when agreements cannot be reached through other means. Story Law stands ready to advocate for your interests in court with respect and professionalism.

Legal Thresholds for Modification

  • Disputes are complex or involve significant assets
  • One party is uncooperative or there are issues of domestic abuse
  • There is a need for formal court orders


See If Collaborative Law is Right for You

Choosing between divorce and legal separation and the methods to finalize either, such as collaborative divorce, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, is deeply personal. At Story Law, we’re committed to guiding you with sensitivity and knowledge, helping you to make the decisions that best align with your future goals and personal values.

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